Noelle Neff Shares the Top 4 Must-See Festivals in Germany

Germany is home to numerous world-class festivals. There are more than ten thousand events hosted every year. Ancient carnivals such as the Oktoberfest still reign supreme. Many new players have also come up to showcase local talent and boost tourism. You can immerse yourself in compelling experiences by participating in the festivities. Some of the favorite carnival themes include beer, film and music, food and war history.

Participating in a fair enables you to learn from the German culture and the festive spirit. There is a festival for every taste and age of sagacious and discerning souls. Besides Oktoberfest, others include the Bayreuth’s Richard Wagner music festival, the Berlin International Film Festival, the Leipzig Book Fair, and the Kieler Woche sailing week. Let us briefly look at some of the best festivals to give you a head start.

1. Oktoberfest

This is one of the longest-standing and most popular beer fest and travel fanfare in Germany. It is held in Munich, Bavaria; it launched in 1810. The festival can go on for up to eighteen days. Oktoberfest actually starts on the third Saturday of September and ends in October.

Over six million global visitors grace the event. It highlights food and music, games, live parades, and amusement rides. Over seven million liters of beer from a selection of six local breweries are consumed during the people’s fair.

2. Berlin International Film Festival

Second only to Cannes, the film festival is open as opposed to Cannes, which is invite-only. You can quickly buy tickets to the event through the online portal. It highlights traditional and contemporary pieces mainly from Europe as well as new global premieres. A prominent global media event dates back to the early 50s. Over four hundred films are presented under various categories. Twenty of them are chosen for a shot at the Golden Bear as well as the Silver Bear titles.

3. Leipzig Book Fair

This is a book publisher and literary lover’s hotspot. There are hundreds of synchronized activities in the city of Leipzig. The four-day event is held in March and is characterized by discovery and reading. It parades over two thousand publishers from more than forty countries around the world.

You can enjoy lively discussions with best-selling authors as well as little-known materials from the national libraries. It is only rivaled in attendance by the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is held in October.

4. Cranger Kirmes

This is also one of the highly attended festivals in the country with over five million guests every year. It starts on the first Friday in August and runs for ten days. It showcases a historic horse market, food stalls and beer halls, spectacular fireworks on the first and last day, carnival games, Ferris wheels and roller coasters among others.

The funfair runs for over three miles. You can participate in guided tours to learn about the rich history and see the backstage scenes that contribute to its success.


Multiple festivals in Germany cater to those who love close social encounters and a carnival atmosphere. It is important to plan early and confirm the dates and schedule of activities for the event. It is an excellent option to learn about the historical significance and culture in a fun environment. You can blog and post your breathtaking photos just like Noelle Neff, a professional photographer, and blogger with insider tips on photography and travel.