Iconic Pictures from New York City

There are many iconic pictures of places and people around New York City. From a 1936 photo of the Rockefeller Center to a 1935 photo of a Gasoline station. There are also iconic photos of bridges such as the Triborough, Williamsburg, and the Manhattan bridge. One picture of the New York Library is fascinating because there were no cars or people in the picture. There are also pictures of the Chrysler building, and the Museum Of Natural History. One of the iconic pictures has the Hudson River from 1936, but there are also pictures of water with old ships. An intriguing picture is of the Statue Of Liberty at night.

Transportation in New York City- I found an interesting photo of the first Subway ride that took place in 1904. The architecture in this picture is amazing because it takes the viewer back when the photo was constructed. From a picture of a Taxi Cab in 1938, to a picture of the Brooklyn Trolley in 1905, to a Ferryboat picture in 1934. Another photo is one of the Bellevue Hospital Ambulance in 1835. Also, one picture that can be appealing to the viewer is a picture of the carriages on Fifth Avenue in 1897 because it did a good job at capturing a time when New York City was not as busy and things were a lot simpler. Another interesting picture is a picture of The Fire Engine #72 that was taken in 1915.

Sports- One iconic picture of Babe Ruth really caught my eye. It’s incredible because it shows all the people in the stands cheering them on. One iconic photo was taken of the Yankee stadium in 2005. The architecture in this photo is really great to look at because it is an aerial view of the stadium and it looks so small, even though it was huge. Another stunning iconic sports picture is one of Joe Dimaggio crossing home plate in 1949. I really feel like this picture captured the moment and you can almost feel the excitement from the crowd by looking at this picture. There is one picture of Seabiscuit and his trainer.

People around New York City- Some photos are “staged” such as construction workers sitting on a beam of skyscraper in 1932 smoking. One picture had a man standing on the Empire State Building. The fascinating thing about these pictures is they look so real and dangerous as if the men could fall off at any moment. A very famous photo is one of a Sailor kissing a Nurse on V.E. day. A person can really feel like this picture captured the moment. Because of its history and uniqueness, New York is one of the best places to take pictures