How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot





If you are a photographer, and for some reason you just landed your first paid photo shoot, you need to learn how to handle things on the day of the photo shoot as this constitutes building your career, and how well you perform is critical. As professionals like Matthew David Parker will advise, you need to start preparing early.

Matthew David Parker is a photographer based in Las Vegas who has worked in photography for more than 10 years practicing different types of photography. He draws inspiration from the beauty presented through the unique architecture of the city and has been a great inspiration to young photographers looking to perfect their skills. If you are starting out, you need to understand some of the things he advocates for to help you while planning for a photo shoot.


Now that you have a concept for the photo shoot and a solid agreement with the client, it is time to decide who among your crew does what. If you work with a team, you need to prepare them early so they can understand the expectations of the client and the requirements of the project. This can allow you to place the most suited individuals at the right places so you have a harmonized team that can deliver the desired perfection. If you don’t have an in-house team, looking for an assistance should begin early so you can understand each other. A reliable assistance should help you with logistics, time management and the technicalities that help to make the event a success.

At the venue

The location where you will shoot the photos holds a major bearing on your output. Because of this reason, you should do a recce at a preferred location before the photo shoot. You need as much information about the venue as possible so you can plan what equipment to avail. If you cannot access the venue immediately, you could use maps to obtain contact information that can link you with the manager so you can have as many questions answered as possible. Gauge the size of the venue as well as the general setup to understand the techniques to use while shooting.

Equipment and setup

Another factor you need to pay attention to is your choice of equipment for the photo shoot. Different venues will require different sets of equipment and you need to consider this before going out to look for what to use. For example, you need to decide which types of cameras will be needed for the event. Carry filters, lighting and reflectors if necessary.

On the official day of shooting the photos, it is advisable to arrive early so you can set up equipment and test for accuracy. This also allows you to make adjustments like resolution, and to experiment with different lenses so you can choose the ones that give the best quality. Also remember to carry spare batteries and you need to charge all your batteries early. Preparing well for a photo shoot eliminates errors that arise due to lack of order.