Great Spots For NYC Skyline Photos

There are a number of great spots where you can take photos within New York City. New York is an incredibly large city, with many places for one to explore and simply have fun. Tourist will no doubt have the time of their lives, venturing from place to place wen looking for attractions or entertainment.

Many would want to do all they can to have some sort of momentum of their experience and photographs are undoubtedly the way to go. One of the many places within New York to take a skyline photo would be the Rockefeller Center. It currently has 19 commercial buildings that cover 22 arches. It is also famous for its Christmas tree lighting that it has one every year. This would be great place for one to go and photograph.

It has great scenery especially when the sun sets, with it being so large and wide there is little doubt that something of interest will come the a curious photographer. The Christmas tree would be an ideal thing to photograph due to it being one of the reasons why Rockefeller is so famous. There are several icons and statures located in the city that really catches ones eye. Whether it be day, night or the afternoon the city is a perfect place for one to take a quick picture off. There are dozens of areas one could try out to take a good picture but and ideal image would most likely be on top of one of the buildings to get a good clear shot of most of the city.

Another ideal place to take skyline photos would be near the Manhattan bridge. It is hundreds of feet long with a contacting lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. It has been around for decades and no doubt has plenty of history to it. It is a perfect ideal image to capture because it is one of the well known icons of the city itself. It would make a wonderful momentum for many. It would be suggested to take a photo of the image itself and a photo of it contacting to the building. It is a large bridge after all so getting all of it in one photo could be quite a task.

However, regardless of its age it maintains a unique beauty to it. Lights even come on it at night, would be a great image for one to capture. An opportunity not many would want to miss.

Another great place for one to take a skyline photo of would be the Brooklyn Bridge. Another iconic bridge of the city, this one being slightly older and longer than the Manhattan one. It is a great place to take a photo of either at night, in day or in the evening. It has beautiful scenery showing the city and river. It has several angles for one to take pictures off either from afar on on the bridge itself. It is quite a historic landmark for one to capture.