About Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker Photography is an up and coming photo studio in Las Vegas, NV.

Matthew David Parker is a photographer based out of Las Vegas. He found his inspiration in the people and architecture of Las Vegas. When he first began he would walk through the streets and across the Strip and find something exceptional in the ordinary.

Matthew saw the city with a unique clarity. He was fascinated by the men and women in suits rushing down the street to get to work alongside the people wearing shorts, breezy skirts and flip flops. The different styles of dress, cultures and ethnicities were reflected in his poignant photographs.

Matthew became fascinated with the buildings and casinos of Las Vegas. He watched them as the shadows shifted and blurred depending on the time of day. He began taking pictures of specific building at all hours and developed a series that was breathtaking and poignant. He began to develop a reputation as an exceptional photographer and felt honored by the recognition.

Matthew David Parker in 2017.

The sights, smells and sounds of Las Vegas intrigued him and he would find himself smiling when the ground vibrated from the subway or he saw a child eating a hot dog with delight. He began capturing the essence of the city. Matthew did not generally photograph the buildings that were famous but rather the small more intimate locations. He took incredible shots of a couple holding hands and laughing as they exited a local café and his pictures of the skyline were stunning.

The length of time he spent in the city did not effect him because he never became jaded or took anything for granted. He found the packed cars on the streets fighting to get to their destinations riveting and his photographs somehow reflected everything he was feeling. When his photographs started to sell he was amazed but utterly delighted. Matthew desired to share his joy and his passion with the world. He fell in love with Las Vegas.

He took a picture of a lovely woman singing to a small child and it held such realism you could almost hear her singing. As Matthew evolved his photographs took on new meaning. He put his heart and soul into every single shot and often took in excess of a hundred pictures of the same building. Each one had a certain charm but they all contained a piece of his heart.

Everyone who saw his photographs all knew this incredible man would be famous one day. He had the ability to make people who had spent their entire life in Las Vegas see the city from an entirely new angle. He added a fresh perspective and turned the ordinary into the spectacular. Matthew knew he would never leave Las Vegas. This was more than a city. This was more than simply where he lived. This was his home.